We have Dental Jobs for:
· Dental Assistants
· Dental Receptionists
· Practice Managers
· Oral Health Therapists

Employment Opportunities:
· Full Time
· Part Time
· Casual
· Temporary

Services Include:
· Advertising
· Sourcing
· Personality Assessments
· Job Profiling
· Short List Candidates
· 3 Month Follow Up After Placement

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Queensland Dental Staff Recruitment (QDSR) is a full service dental recruitment agency covering the Gold Coast and Northern Rivers Dental Recruitment markets. QDSR offers a customised service to suit your Practice Profile and the placement of Candidates in an environment that best suits personality style. By using a leading behavioural and psychometric assessment tool, we will help you:

· Select the right person for the job
· Identify people with the right attitude and ability to succeed
· Increase productivity
· Reduce Employee turnover and training costs
· Minimise costly hiring mistakes
· Build more effective and compatible teams



We meet with you at your practice to clearly understand your organisation by conducting a Job Profile. This will then identify the behavioural characteristics required by a Candidate to do the job successfully. We will also assist in helping to identify the skills and experience required to fill the position.


We have an extensive Candidate Database that will assist us in matching Prospects personality profile to that required by the job. All suitable Candidates are interviewed, reference checked and fully briefed on the role. After short listing the Prospects, a detailed report will then be sent to you matching those individuals natural talents to the requirements of the position, otherwise known as “Job Match”.

Although we do have an extensive Database, we do recommend advertising to attract job seekers. We will write the advertisement and arrange placement to take the hassle out of the process for you.


Once the new Employee commences in the role, we believe that it is very important to provide ongoing support by keeping in touch with both the Client and the Employee as follows:

1 week - review conducted by telephone with the Employee, Team Leader and or Employer.

1 month – review conducted by telephone with the Employee, Team Leader and or Employer.

3 months – our Consultant will conduct a face to face meeting with the Employee, Team Leader and or Employer.

These milestone dates are aimed at assessing how well we have fulfilled our obligation to you and to ensure the future success of all parties.

For more information please contact Patrea by telephone, 0423 536 485 or email, patrea@qdsr.com.au