We have Dental Jobs for:
· Dental Assistants
· Dental Receptionists
· Practice Managers
· Oral Health Therapists

Employment Opportunities:
· Full Time
· Part Time
· Casual
· Temporary

Services Include:
· Advertising
· Sourcing
· Personality Assessments
· Job Profiling
· Short List Candidates
· 3 Month Follow Up After Placement

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At Queensland Dental Staff Recruitment we pride ourselves on finding the ideal Candidate that best fits your Dental Staff requirements. Our recruitment method begins from taking the initial brief from you the Client; sourcing and advertising; thorough screening of Candidates; behavioural assessments; background checking; ensuring Candidates are thoroughly briefed on the role; salary negotiations all the way through to the job placement and follow up.

Simply hiring people because they've done the same job elsewhere may be an easy choice but if you want to build an exceptional practice, then you must take into consideration the personal style that one brings.

This is why our Consultant will meet with you at your practice to complete a Job Profile Assessment to identify the key behavioural characteristics that the job requires, minimising hiring mistakes.

The value of employing the best person for the job is immeasurable against the cost of hiring the wrong person. While the fee is not our highest priority, we believe that a fair fee for a successful Candidate is the ingredient to a successful long term Employee.

To make a mutual time for Patrea to assess your practice needs, please phone her on 0423 536 485 or email patrea@qdsr.com.au